Six Pack Meal Plan

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Here In my sixpack meal plan diet ebook you will get grocery/food list for all the meals I have provided for you to prepare and eat for 7 days MONDAY – SUNDAY with NO BORING FOOD. Trust me. And one cheat meal where you can eat what ever you want! How’s that sound for you?


Do you want to know how to lose body weight fast?

… how to get shredded?

… how to get six pack?

… or how to lose belly fat?


Hi, I’m RJ BAUTISTA and my answer is always proper nutrition and effective training routine. I have been in the fitness industry for more than 9 years. I used to be a fat lad before I realized that I needed to change my lifestyle and my body physique. I started from scratch and I didn’t have any knowledge in the industry. I used my own body to experiment and change it for good. I did thousands of research and learned so much just to get the body that I always wanted.

My diet and my own personalized training routine are very important in my lifestyle. In fact, from being fat I learned so much and gained knowledge of how to eat proper food and how to mix it with proper training, which I progressed a lot from the past and still progressing and learning each day of my life.

So in this eBook, I will share with you my full knowledge and experience so you can achieve the body that you always wanted too!




5 reviews for Six Pack Meal Plan

  1. Ryan

    Its a best buy no regret. This is easy and simple meal plan to follow. “NUTRITION is really the KEY”. Thanks Rj your my Idol. 💪👊

    • shop (verified owner)

      Thank you Ryan! #stayhungry

  2. Paul (verified owner)

    Very Informative and helpful! I’m enjoying my food everyday and I can’t wait for my result. Thanks RJ! 🙂

    • shop (verified owner)

      Thank you and Goodluck!

  3. Miles


    Thank you! Great stuffs and very useful. When will you launch your training program ebook btw?

    • shop (verified owner)

      Very soon! We are working on it.

  4. Penny Serrano (verified owner)

    Very well said! I’ve lost a lot of weight by simply following ur ebook meal plan. Thanks for result. I really admire your dedication, hardwork, and preseverance😊👍🏻.Keep it up and keep inspiring others.I highly recommend everyone to try out this ebook meal plan.

    • shop (verified owner)

      That’s great! Well done and thank you.

  5. Jason

    Perfect for those people who have zero idea where to start when it comes to nutrition. The food plan is very detailed that it’s like spoonfeeding. All you have to do is stick to the plan. Great work!

    • shop (verified owner)

      Thank you for your great feedback Jason. Enjoy dieting!

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